Faculty: Laurie Zawertailo, PhD

Laurie Zawertailo, PhDLaurie Zawertailo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Scientist, Addictions Program, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health

General Research Areas: Clinical Pharmacology; Drug Addiction; Neuropsychopharmacology; Drug Addiction

Dr. Zawertailo’s research interests are in the areas of behavioural and neurobiological aspects of tobacco dependence and treatment, especially in individuals with co-morbid depression or alcohol use disorders –sub-populations who have an especially high prevalence of tobacco dependence and tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. Dr. Zawertailo utilizes a variety of techniques to approach this research question including neuroimaging, behavioural and cognitive tasks such as cue-induced craving, genetics, randomized clinical trials, and large population-based approaches to smoking cessation. Her goal is to understand the neurobiological processes involved in tobacco dependence in order to optimize treatment outcomes in these specific co-morbid populations.


Selected Publications:

Zawertailo L, Dragonetti, R, Bondy, S, Victor C, Selby P. Reach and effectiveness of mailed nicotine replacement therapy for smokers: six-month outcomes in a naturalistic, exploratory study. Tobacco Control, 2012 Apr 26 [Epub]

Bacher I, Houle S, Xu X, Zawertailo L, Soliman A, Wilson A, Selby PL, George TP, Sacher J, Miler L, Kish S, Rusjan P, Meyer J. Monoamine oxidase A binding in the prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices during acute withdrawal from heavy cigarette smoking. Archives of General Psychiatry, 2011;68(8):817-26

Kushnir V, Menon M, Balducci X, Selby PL, Busto U, Zawertailo L. Enhanced Smoking Cue Salience Associated with Depression Severity in Nicotine-Dependent Individuals: An fMRI study. Int J Neuropsychopharmacology, 2010 Jul 7:1-12 [Epub].

Busto U, Redden L, Mayberg H, Kapur S, Houle S, Zawertailo L. Dopaminergic activity in depressed smokers: A positron emission tomography study. Synapse, 2009;63(8):681-689.

Zawertailo L, Tyndale R, Busto U, Sellers E. Effect of metabolic blockade on the psychoactive effects of dextromethorphan. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, 2010;25(1):71-9.


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