Graduate: Part-Time Studies

Part-time studies are permitted in the Master's program in Pharmacology,  and can be a viable option for students who are employed outside the University.  

There is no part-time study in the Ph.D. program. 

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements and application procedures are the same as for the full-time program.  Applicants are normally required to have taken courses in physiology, biochemistry, or allied sciences sufficient to form a foundation for their work in pharmacology.  To be eligible, applicants must also have achieved a minimum grade of B+ (i.e., 77%-79%) in no less than 4 senior-level FCE's (i.e., Full Course Equivalents) in their final year. [3rd- and 4th-year courses are considered to be senior-level courses.]

Program Requirements

Students in the part-time program must complete the same program requirements as those in the full-time stream. See "M.Sc. Program in Pharmacology".  Degree requirements must be completed within 5 years of first enrolment in the program. Financial Support: Program supervisors are not required to guarantee financial support for part-time students.  In addition, only full-time students are eligible for UofT Fellowships and most external awards.  On the other hand, all qualified graduate students (including part-time) are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistantships and invigilation where available. 


Fees for part-time students are considerably lower than those of full-time students; see Fees.  Students should be aware that they may be required to pay additional academic fees in order to equal the total minimum fee paid by a full-time student in the same program. This Balance of Degree Fee is assessed just prior to graduation.  

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