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Undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology may be eligible for several awards based on varying criteria:



Dr. Walter H. E. Roschlau was a distinguished medical doctor, researcher and professor, whose work included the development of the first high-efficiency artificial kidney in Canada with Canadian surgeon Dr. Gordon Murray, the development of anti-coagulants at the Connaught Laboratories, and research on blood clotting mechanisms and fibrinolysis, joining the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Toronto in 1966.  He played a major role in teaching medical, arts & science, dentistry, pharmacy and graduate students, and was co-editor of the textbook Principles of Medical Pharmacology for the 3rd (1980) to the 6th (1998) editions.  Walter was a dedicated and thorough teacher, who set high but fair standards for his students, was always available to help them, and earned the gratitude and esteem of many who interacted with him, even years after their graduation. 

The Dr. Walter Roschlau Memorial Award was established to recognize his dedication to teaching by honouring students with the best academic records in the graduating class of the Arts & Science programs in Pharmacology & Toxicology.

2017-2018 Award Winners: Michel Ouk, Hayley French, Yue Hao Lan
2016-2017 Award Winners: Isabelle Laksono, Sing Yung Regina Chu, Zhi  Hui (Charlie) Yang
2015-2016 Award Winner: Mabel (Wing Yan) Chan
2014-2015 Award Winner: Alexander Yonshual Pan
2013-2014 Award Winner: Roman Zyla
2012-2013 Award Winner: Yuxiao Sonny Chen 
2011-2012 Award Winner: Bardia Abbasi 



This award is presented by the Department for Outstanding Achievement in a Pharmacology or Biomedical Toxicology Major Program. The award recognizes the highest academic achievement in our courses by a student graduating from one of our Major programs. This award highlights the excellent and long-standing nature of Professor W. Mac Burnham’s contributions to The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology’s Educational Programs.

2017-2018 Award Winner: Hoomam Homsi



This award is presented by the Division of Teaching Laboratories and recognizes the top student within the Undergraduate Laboratory course.

2016-2017 Award Winner: Hayley French
2015-2016 Award Winner: Yu Ting (Cherry) Lin
2014-2015 Award Winner: Winnie (Yi Ying) Wang
2013-2014 Award Winner: Xiaoyun Lu
2012-2013 Award Winner: Yuxiao Sonny Chen 
2011-2012 Award Winner: Bardia Abbasi 



Dr. Malle Jurima-Romet Award

The Dr. Malle Jurima-Romet Award was created to honour the memory of Dr. Malle Jurima-Romet, an outstanding Ph.D. graduate of our Department who balanced her scientific training with a passion for music and the arts. Following her Ph.D. training in drug metabolism and pharmacogenetics, Malle enjoyed a successful career in research and executive positions with Health Canada, Phoenix International, MDS Pharma Services, and Celerion. She was also a talented administrator, devoting her time and expertise to the Society of Toxicology of Canada for many years. 

The award is meant to offset costs associated with extracurricular pursuits in the arts by a graduate student in our Department. The award may be renewable for up to three years. To qualify, applicants must be a full-time Canadian graduate student enrolled in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Applicants will be considered on the basis of academic excellence and extracurricular pursuits in the arts, described and documented in a short essay (maximum length 3 pages double-spaced) submitted to Dr. Peter McPherson

Those who would like to renew their awards are required to reapply.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, April 25, 2019. The award will be presented at VIP on June 21, 2019.

2018 Award Winner: Erin Sellars
2017 Award Winner: Justin Matheson


This award is presented by the Graduate Education Committee to a recently graduated Ph.D. student for outstanding scientific contributions made during the course of the Doctoral program in Pharmacology at the University of Toronto. The award is given to the top graduating student and is awarded during the Annual Visions in Pharmacology Research Day.

2018 Award Winner: Julie-Anne Tanner
2017 Award Winner: Yuliya Lytvyn
2016 Award Winner: Meghan Chenoweth
2015 Award Winner: Kangbin Zhou
2014 Award Winner: Noufissa Kabli
2013 Award Winner: Meaghan Creed
2012 Award Winner: Vaneeta Verma
2011 Award Winner: Simerpal Gill
2010 Award Winner: Jill Mwenifumbo & Ameer Taha
2009 Award Winner: Lick Pui Lai
2008 Award Winner: Anna M. Lee
2007 Award Winner: Dennis Lee & Mary Erclik
2006 Award Winner: Diana Stempak
2005 Award Winner: Kerri Schoedel

FIONA SMILLIE MEMORIAL AWARD  (Formerly the Departmental Service Award)

Adjudicated by the PGSA and presented to a graduate student who has significantly contributed to the Department by advancing the interests of graduate students and/or improving the experience of graduate studies for graduate students in the department.

2018 Award Winner: Vincent Lam
2017 Award Winner: Ariana Dela Cruz
2016 Award Winner: Shirley Poon
2015 Award Winner: Nicole Brown
2014 Award Winner: Noufissa Kabli
2013 Award Winner: Mary Clare Luca
2012 Award Winner: Anne Mullen Gray
2011 Award Winner: Greg Staios
2010 award Winner: Xavier Balducci
2009 Award Winner: Rana Sawaya
2008 Award Winner: Christopher So


Travel/Conference Expense Award to the graduate student with the most outstanding poster presentation at the annual Visions in Pharmacology (VIP) Research Day

2018 Award Winner: Clementine Quintana
2017 Award Winner: Sophia Atwells
2016 Award Winner: Catharine Mielnik
2015 Award Winners(Tie): Pieter Beerepoot and Shababa Masoud
2014 Award Winner: Shuang Wang
2013 Award Winner: Sarah Chau

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