Professor  |  Director, CIHR Strategic Training Program in Biological Therapeutics; Chairman, University of Toronto Radiation Protection Authority

David Hampson PhD

Assistant Professor  |  Staff Psychiatrist

Ahmed Hassan MD, FRCPC, MPH

Research Interests

Associate Professor

Basil P. Hubbard Ph.D.

Research Interests

cancer, gene editing, genetic disorders, infectious diseases, molecular pharmacology, therapeutics, xenobiology
Assistant Professor  |  Clinician Scientist | Staff Psychiatrist

Ishrat Husain MBBS, MD (Res.), MRCPsych

Professor Emeritus

Tadanobu (Ted) Inaba PhD

Research Interests

Drug Interactions, drug metabolism, pharmacogenetics
Professor  |  Head, Division of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, Hospital for Sick Children

Shinya Ito MD, FRCP(C)

Research Interests

Cellular Drug Transport, Pediatric Pharmacology
Professor  |  Dean, Kinesiology & Physical Education

Ira Jacobs MHK, DrMedSc

Adjunct Professor

Grazyna Kalabis PhD

Research Interests

Developmental Toxicology, Regulatory Toxicology