Academic Integrity - Joint our roundtable discussion

Sep 21, 2018



Dear All,

Welcome back to the start of the new academic year! You are cordially invited to attend our second annual BMS Teaching Seminar Series for 2018-2019. Our first seminar will be a roundtable discussion on “Academic Integrity” with Prof. Charmaine C. Williams, PhD, Acting Vice-Dean, Students, School of Graduate Studies and Thomas MacKay, Director, Faculty Governance & Curriculum Services, Office of the Faculty Registrar | Faculty of Arts & Science.

Note: This is the first of six seminars in the Basic Medical Sciences Teaching Seminar Series for 2018-2019 that are organized and sponsored by the Departments of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physiology and the Faculty of Medicine.

Tentative Seminar Dates:

Oct. 19th-2018;  Nov.16th-2018; Jan. 18th-2019; Feb. 8th-2019; Mar. 22-2019.


Michelle Arnot, PhD Associate Chair, Undergraduate Education Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology; Stavroula Andreopoulos, MSc, Ph.D Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Department of Biochemistry; Michelle French, MSc, PhD Vice Chair Education (Undergraduate) Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto; RSVP: (By September 18, 2018)
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