Why We Need to Press Pause on Any Kind of Cannabis Promotion

Many companies are selling marijuana as if the drug is totally harmless. It’s not. Read more
Dec 3 / 2018

What We Know – and Don't Know – About the Health Effects of Recreational Cannabis

Dr. Ruth Ross In this recent interview with medical writer Carolyn Abraham, Ross, director of the Centre for Collaborative Drug Research and chair of the Faculty of Medicine’s pharmacology and toxicology department, discusses how much remains unknown about the health effects of this ancient plant.
Nov 5 / 2018


Dr. John Arnot The Bioaccumulation Assessment Tool (BAT) is a new quantitative bioaccumulation assessment decision-making tool. It guides the user through data collection, generation, evaluation, and integration for various lines of evidence.
Nov 2 / 2018

Legalization of marijuana

October 17, 2018
Oct 29 / 2018
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