How to Apply to Our Undergraduate Programs

Our pharmacology and toxicology programs each have a limited number of places for qualified students and are classified as Type 3 programs at the University of Toronto. Admission to our programs requires both a request for the program of interest and acceptance into the program by the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 

Students entering the second year of studies will apply to a General Pharmacology and Toxicology program (either Specialist or Major) during Subject POSt enrollment. Following completion of required second year courses and PCL201H, students will then enroll in a specific stream within either the Specialist or Major programs to focus their studies for their final third and fourth years.

When do I apply?

Students should request admission to their program of choice in the spring of their first year of undergraduate study following the Faculty of Arts and Science Subject Post Request guidelines and deadlines. Students must have completed certain prerequisite courses to be considered for a subject post. The required courses for each program are listed below. Students must have each of the required courses completed before applying to the program. However, students may be able to receive transfer credits from other academic institutions. (Students with transfer credits should forward their transcripts from the institutions where the original credits were obtained.) 

What courses are required for application?

Specialist Programs (Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Toxicology):

  • (BIO120H and BIO130H) AND (CHM138H and CHM139H) or CHM151Y AND at least 1 full-credit equivalent from: (MAT135H and MAT136H) or MAT135Y or MAT137Y or (PHY131H AND PHY132H) or (PHY151H AND PHY152H)

Major Programs (Pharmacology, Toxicology):

  • (BIO120H and BIO130H) AND (CHM138H AND CHM139H) or CHM151Y
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