Applied Clinical Pharmacology (ACP)

Applied Clinical Pharmacology logoApplied Clinical Pharmacology (ACP) is a customizable two-year, course-based stream of the MSc program. Students in the ACP stream take a variety of interactive courses aimed at providing a broad foundation in pharmacology. This dynamic program encourages students to explore a variety of career interests through specialized coursework that includes clinical trial design, pharmacokinetic analyses, hands-on laboratory work, a supervised research project, and full-time placements in workplace settings such as the pharmaceutical industry, government, and healthcare agencies.

Throughout the ACP program, students interact with pharmacologists, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to gain knowledge and skills related to clinical pharmacology and its application. Class sizes of less than 20 students facilitate individualized programs of study and allow students to enhance their proficiency in critical thinking, scientific writing, oral presentations, and network expansion. While the ACP program is rigorous, students also participate in extracurricular activities and establish memorable friendships and contacts as they gain experience and prepare for their desired career paths. The true success of the ACP program is evidenced by the meaningful employment achieved post-graduation. Our graduates are often offered full-time employment in their field of interest before their graduation ceremony.

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