The PharmaChronicle

The PharmaChronicle is a journal published by students, made for students. It highlights some of the latest research in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology at UofT, focusing on contributions from undergraduate students. Topics range from specific mechanisms of drug action, to broad issues surrounding drugs in modern society. Learn from interviews with both professors and students in the Department, as they explain their unique experiences and journeys through research. Most importantly, sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through the latest hot topics and the coolest discoveries in the field of Pharmacology & Toxicology.

The journal is published 2-4 times per year, and we welcome contributions from Undergraduates, or from Graduates pertaining to their undergraduate work.

To submit an article for consideration, or to correspond with the Editors on any other matter regarding the Journal or its content, please contact us

PharmaChronicle Issue 3 Coverpage
Janauary 2019

03 Let's Learn About Drugs in Society!