Registering for Undergraduate Courses

Students who are registered in Pharmacology/Toxicology programs are given initial preference when registering for required courses.  However, after the restricted time period, students who are registered in other programs may also apply for these courses, and Pharmacology and Toxicology students are no longer given preference. Students should make their selections on ROSI (Repository of Student Information) during the initial period of registration, during which time an appropriate number of spaces representing the number of students accepted/registered in the program will be reserved. The remaining spaces in the courses will be made available to students in other programs.

Pharmacology and Toxicology students may register for ANA300Y in a similar fashion during the initial registration period, as a block of seats are held for students who require this course in order to graduate. Spaces in ANA300Y not claimed by Pharmacology/ Toxicology students by mid August will be released to anyone wishing to take the course. Students are advised to refer to the Calendar of the year of entry to ascertain course requirements.

Further information regarding registration deadlines and procedures may be obtained from the "Registration Instructions and Timetable" published by the Faculty of Arts & Science, or please refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science website.

The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology has carefully constructed a course timetable that takes into consideration all co-requisite and prerequisite courses necessary to complete each program. Students intending to change their program timetables should remember this when choosing courses. Almost all third- and fourth-year courses have prerequisites, and taking courses out of sequence can be problematic, particularly in terms of the fourth-year timetable. It is best to complete courses as outlined in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.