Policies, Guidelines and Forms

Incoming Students

Questions to ask potential supervisors and labmates during the interview process.
A student's perspective on how to navigate the graduate program.
Guidelines for establishing transparent expectations, facilitating the communication of goals and challenges, and fostering positive and effective student-supervisor relationships.

Current Students

A guide to assist you in achieving a solid understanding of the core principles of pharmacology.
This policy allows you to take up to 15 days off annually, during the academic year to support your wellbeing and mental and physical health.
Graduate students may dispute substantive or procedural academic matters.
Co-Supervision Policy
Co-supervisors of an M.Sc. or Ph.D. thesis must hold a graduate faculty appointment. If the appointment is from a department other than Pharmacology, the co-supervisor must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator. Individuals who do not hold a graduate appointment but who have the expertise to contribute to directing a student's thesis research may be appointed to the supervisory committee but cannot be designated as a co-supervisor.