Frequently Asked Questions (Undergraduate)

I am interested in one of the Pharmacology and Toxicology undergraduate programs, but not currently attending UofT. How do I apply?
Our undergraduate programs are second year entry programs, in that you must complete the first year of pre-requisite programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science Life Science category. Following first year, students apply to a General Pharmacology and Toxicology program; after completion of 2nd year and PCL201H, students will choose a specific program of study to focus or in year 3 and 4 (i.e. Pharmacology or Biomedical Toxicology). Find additional information at the Faculty of Arts and Science Admissions Page.  

What courses do I have to take in High School to gain entry into the Life Sciences program at UofT to be eligible to apply for a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology program?
Students should apply to the Life Sciences admission category on the St. George campus, for which six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English and Calculus and Vectors are required. Senior high school credits in Biology and Chemistry are required for first-year courses. Senior high school Physics is recommended preparation. 
Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits.

I am currently enrolled at the UofT in Life Sciences and want to apply to a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology program. How do I apply?
Our programs are limited enrollment programs and therefore are considered "Type 3" Subject POSt enrolment. Round 1 applications usually occur in April and May through the Faculty of Arts and Science (please see their website). In August we will accept a few applicants on a case-by-case basis depending on available space for Round 2. Interested individuals should email the Undergraduate Coordinator directly.

I am a transfer student into the UofT. How do I apply to a Pharmacology or Toxicology program?
Ideally this should be done during Round 1 Subject POSt enrolment; however, if the transfer documents are not completed prior to completion of the enrolment period- please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator directly for a case-by-case review of your application.

I am currently enroled in a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology (SPE or MAJ) program, but I want to switch my program (i.e., from Pharmacology to Biomedical Toxicology or vice versa). How do I do that?
Switching across the programs we administer can be done. To discuss this further please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator. Ideally it should also be done through Round 1 Subject POSt enrolment.  It can usually only be done following the second year of studies at UofT.

I am currently enrolled in a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology (SPE or MAJ) program, but I want to switch my program (i.e. from SPE to MAJOR or vice versa). How do I do that?
This is possible, usually after the second year of studies. Pre-requisite courses should be completed for the particular program (i.e.,  Physics or Math for SPE entry); however SPE students cannot switch to a MAJOR program AFTER they have completed their project course (PCL472Y/PCL474Y). Ideally the switch should occur through Round 1 Subject POSt enrolment. Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator if you have any questions/concerns.

I am currently a UofT student in another Life Science program - can I switch to a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology Subject POSt? If so, how do I do this?
This can be done through Round 1 Subject POSt enrolment. Priority is given to students who have completed PCL201H (with at least a 70%), and is done on a case-by-case basis. For students who wish to transfer in during their 3rd year, PCL302H and PCL201H can be taken during the second year; but PSL300H and PSL301H and other PCL302H pre-requisite courses must be successfully completed.

I am currently a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology program student, but have noticed that the calendar for this year is different than the year I enrolled. Which calendar should I follow?
You are required to follow the calendar year for which you were enrolled in the program (i.e., usually the second year of studies). The only exception is IF an elective program course has been added since you enrolled in the POSt, you are able to choose this course as a program elective course (in addition to those offered in the previous calendar).

How do I apply for the Arts and Science Internship Program, (ASIP), open to students in the Specialist in Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology; Biomedical Toxicology Specialist; Pharmacology Specialist and Environment and Toxicology Specialist programs? 
Please visit the How to Apply to ASIP webpage

As a Pharmacology and/or Biomedical Toxicology program student, how do I apply for the project course (PCL472Y/474Y) and find a supervisor?
Students will be contacted during the winter of their 3rd year regarding the project course. A list of potential supervisors will be provided to the SPE students to review and then it is the students responsibilty to contact laboratories of interest for interviews, etc.

Are there summer research/employment opportunities?
Yes there are: when we know of any stipends and awards they will be emailed to our students and the links included on our webpage. However there may be other opportunities, so students are encouraged to approach labs and potential supervisors independently.