Distinguished Lectureship Series

Laszlo Endrenyi Distinguished Visiting Lecture in Pharmacology and Toxicology:

2019: Bruce D. Hammock - Butterflies to Blood Pressure and Beyond: Developing an IND Candidate for Neuropathic Pain

2018: Edythe London - Stimulant Use and Dopamine Receptor Subtypes: Brain Functions and Therapeutic Approaches

2017: Peter Van Loo - The Molecular Archeology of Cancer

2016: Terrance Kenakin - The Emergence of Receptor Allostery and Biased Signalling

2013: Marc Caron - Assessing the Physiological Relevance of GPCR Functional Selectivity in the Brain Dopamine System

2010: Michael Meaney - Developmental Origins of Health: The Environmental Epigenetics Hypothesis

2009: James Halpert - Conformational Flexibility and Heterogeneity of Cytochromes P450: Implications for Prediction of Drug Metabolism and Interactions


The Harold and Oriana Kalant Distinguished Lecture in Behavioural Pharmacology:

2019: Dr. Harriet de Wit - Determinants of Drug Preference: Translational Studies

2017: Dr. Marina Picciotto - Effects of Nicotine and Nicotinic Receptors on Behaviors related to Depression and Aggression

2015: Wolfram Schultz - The Dopamine Reward Utility Signal and Its Two Components

2014: Yavin Shaham - The  Role of the Environmental Context in Relapse to Drug Use: Behavioral and Neuronal Mechanisms

2012: John C. Crabbe - Alcoholism as a Disorder of Neuroadaptation: Human ↔ Mouse Translation

2011: Yedy Israel - Alcoholism: Gene Modification in Animal Models