Advice to Potential Graduate Students

Research Experience

All potential graduate students should seriously consider incorporating a research project into their course timetables before graduation. Graduate supervisors are reluctant to take into their laboratories students who have had no research experience or training. UofT students who wish to enrol in the Pharmacology or Toxicology graduate programs, and who are completing Major Programs in Pharmacology or Toxicology, or other disciplines, should pay particular attention to this.

Advantages of Applying Early

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, eligible applicants whose complete applications are received early have the opportunity to receive an early offer of conditional admission. For applicants to the thesis-based programs, an early offer means having the advantage of having their documentation circulated early in the year; thereby increasing the chances of obtaining supervision and funding. 

International applicants to the Ph.D. program whose overall averages are within the "A" range and whose applications are complete by the posted deadline, will automatically be considered for nomination for the Connaught Scholarship. Visa applicants who completed their degrees at the University of Toronto are unfortunately NOT ELIGIBLE for the Connaught Scholarship.

Applications from domestic students whose grade point average is considered borderline, or who have not met the required B+ cutoff in previous completed years of study, will be held until the final year's marks are received, at which time a final decision is made. When an official offer is received, the applicant must meet all of the conditions on the offer before the registration deadline (usually mid-September).

Applying for Awards

Applicants should keep in mind that for many awards (e.g., OGS, NSERC), the application is made during the year prior to applying to graduate school; i.e., during the final year of undergraduate study. Applicants who are seriously considering graduate school should investigate any and all available awards for graduate students before completing their final year. For more information, see the SGS Website

Applying to Multiple Programs

Each program has specific application deadlines and supporting documentation requirements. For every application submitted, applicants must pay the required processing fee. What works for one program may not necessarily work for another.