Departmental Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

This award highlights the outstanding contributions of our graduate trainees in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology’s educational mandate. The Departmental Teaching Assistant Excellence Award acknowledges trainees who have taken on a leadership role through long-standing and exceptional performance in diverse pedagogical activities within a course.  

Past Recipients

2022-2023: Alec Langlois and Yalin Sun

Photo of Alec

Alec Langlois is a fourth year PhD student in the Tyndale Lab. His work focuses on genetic variation, particularly structural variation, in CYP2A6, the gene coding for the primary nicotine-metabolizing enzyme, and its associations with nicotine metabolism. Alec received the Departmental Teaching Assistant Excellence Award for his work as a laboratory demonstrator in PCL367 and PCL368, the third-year undergraduate lab courses in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology taught by Dr. Anita Hamadanizadeh.


Photo of YalinYalin Sun is a fifth year PhD candidate in Dr. Susan R. George’s Lab. She has been the teaching assistant coordinator for Introduction to Toxicology (PCL362) since 2020, working under Dr. Peter G. Wells, in addition to other lab courses. She is highly passionate about teaching, mentoring, and training undergraduate students, and hopes to continue these endeavors after her PhD. Outside of the lab and classroom, Yalin enjoys creating new dishes and baked goods in her spare time.