Vincenzo Deluca


Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
250 College St, Room 340, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 1R8
Research Interests
epigenetics, imaging
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Vincenzo De Luca, MD (1998, University of Naples, Italy); Specialty in Psychiatry (2002, University of Naples); PhD in Neuroscience (2008) (University of Naples); Clinical Fellow, University of Toronto (Canada) (2005-2008); Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario (Canada) (2008-2009), Assistant Professor, University of Toronto (2009-2013); Associate Professor, University of Toronto (2013-2020); Professor, Department of Psychiatry and IMS, University of Toronto (2020-current).

Psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher interested in:

  1. The contribution of genetics to the risk of developing psychiatric conditions, particularly schizophrenia;
  2. The identification of predictors of antipsychotic treatment response (clinical, genetic, epigenetic and their interaction);
  3. Statistical approaches in the epigenetic analysis of neuropsychiatric diseases.