Financial Support During Thesis Write-up

Normally, Pharmacology students in the thesis-based M.Sc. program are expected to write up and defend their thesis within 3 months after their active research has been completed.

For Pharmacology students in Ph.D. programs, the write-up and defense should be completed within 4 months after active research has been completed.

Financial support to the student should continue during the normal write-up and defense phase of graduate study at the level currently agreed upon by the student and supervisor. In cases where candidates for degrees have accepted substantial outside employment during the write-up or defense phases, the supervisor will not be expected to continue to provide financial support.

The Master's Completion Bursary is available for master's students whose minimum period of registration will have ended by or before the end of the academic session, and who have a small amount of work outstanding for the degree. The value of the bursary is equal to the difference between one session full-time fee and one session part-time fee. It is provided only for one session during the academic year. There are specific deadlines depending on when students plan to complete their degree.

For PhD students, the Doctoral Completion Award (DCA) is available. The aim of the Doctoral Completion Award is to support full-time PhD students who are beyond the funded cohort but still within time-limit for degree. For further details, contact the Pharmacology Graduate Office.

Students who have experienced a delay in their program due to unfortunate personal circumstances should refer to the Emergency Grant program.