Harold Kalant Award

The Harold Kalant Award is given annually for an outstanding scientific publication of original research by a graduate student in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. The award was created to honour the unparalleled accomplishments and to reflect the outstanding tradition of research we all associate with Dr. Kalant.  

Eligibility Criteria

For the 2021 award, papers with publication accepted dates of Jan 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020 will be considered.

For the 2022 award, papers with publication accepted dates of Jan 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021 will be considered.

Nomination Criteria

Pharmacology & Toxicology graduate students who have authored original papers will self-nominate. Only first authors will be considered. 

The nomination package should include:

  • a PDF of the full paper
  • a 1-page statement that describes the impact of the manuscript on the respective field and the student's specific contributions to the paper 

Selection Process

A committee of faculty members and students will evaluate the submitted nominations. The selection of the winning publication will be based on both the scientific quality of the research described in the manuscript, and the impact and significance of the work in the context of the broader research field to which it pertains.

Award committee Chair: Dr. Lenny Salmena
Deadline for submissions: August 15, 2022
Submit nominations to: pharmtox.dept@utoronto.ca

Past Recipients

2020: David Bodenstein

David BodensteinDavid is a 4th year PhD student in the Andreazza lab studying mitochondrial biogenesis in bipolar disorder, as well as developing novel approaches for autologous mitochondrial transplantation in patients with mitochondrial disease. He is passionate about research in mental health as a result of his own personal experiences, and those of family members and friends. He believes this intersection between patient advocate and researcher allows him to have a unique perspective in his studies. David joined the department as an undergraduate student in 2012 and never left.

David is honoured to receive the inaugural Harold Kalant award for his paper published in npj Schizophrenia in December 2019. This award serves as a reminder to him of the importance of mental health research and the need to continue pushing forward with his work and research. David hopes to continue his career in academia and one day have a lab of his own.