Jun 9, 2023

Congrats to the CIHR Canadian Graduate Scholarships Master’s Recipients

Photo of Arun

Arun Chinnameyyappan: Relationship between 4-Hydroxynonenal and Agitation Severity in Alzheimer’s Disease

Photo of Brady

Brady Park: Semaglutide and Vascular Regeneration in People with Diabetes

Photo of Hani

Hani Choksi: Investigating the role of T cell surface sialoglycans as potential modulators of ankylosing spondylitis immunopathogenesis

Isaac Kuk Photo

Isaac Kuk: Investigating age-related differences in the effects of cannabis on driving

Photo of Michelle

Michelle Cao: Targeting arginine methylation in cancer


Photo of Oana

Oana Mirel: Oxidative stress markers and the symptomatic course of youth bipolar disorder: A prospective repeated-measures study

Photo of Serge

Serge Watanabe-Jin: Investigating nucleotide modifications for mRNA therapeutics