Dr. Rebecca Laposa awarded 2019 Faculty of Medicine Award

Apr 5, 2019
Ruth A. Ross, Ph.D.

It is my great pleasure to congratulate Dr Rebecca Laposa on being the 2019 recipient of the Faculty of Medicine Award for ‘Excellence in Linking Undergraduate Teaching to Research in Life Sciences’.

The award recognizes Dr Laposa’s sustained excellence, mentorship and innovative methods that link undergraduate teaching to experiential research opportunities such as research project courses, summer student research projects or equivalent programs. She has made significant contributions to the Life Sciences courses within the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and have overseen the development, coordination and instruction of several large courses. The award also emphasizes Dr Laposa’s efforts to integrate Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology as it is applied to Drug Discovery and Development in many varied contexts. She has also made significant contributions to mentorship and the re-development of the research courses.

This award is very well-deserved and honors Dr Laposa’s invaluable contribution to the Faculty of Medicine’s educational mission and highlights her commitment to our undergraduate life sciences program.

We are very proud of Dr Laposa’s achievements. Many Congratulations!