Nov 14, 2022

Research Application Support Initiative (RASI) Mentor Recruitment

Inclusion & Diversity
A photo of Janielle Richards and Candaice Newell, student ambassadors with the Office of Access and Outreach

Interested in helping students facing systemic barriers to access research opportunities and graduate programs? 

The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is now recruiting mentors for the Research Application Support Initiative (RASI)! 

RASI is an initiative, which is part of the Community of Support program, and is designed to help students who face systemic barriers and are passionate about research get to the next level in their research productivity. The program provides mentees with: 

  • Information/workshops on research opportunities 
  • 1-1 mentorship from graduate and medical students 
  • Access to paid summer research jobs 

We are currently recruiting mentors from November to April. Each mentor will be paired with one or more students. The commitment to mentorship will involve corresponding with their mentees at LEAST once every month within this time. Mentors may choose to continue relationship with mentee beyond the proposed time. 

The Department would like to invite any and all graduate students, postdocs, and research staff to participate in the RASI program as we seek to bridge gaps between marginalized groups and higher education. 

Two PharmTox students, Candaice Newell and Janielle Richards, are completing a work-study with the Office of Access and Outreach (OAO), acting as Student Ambassadors to bridge our efforts with the OAO. They are both mentors in the RASI program.    

Janielle, would like to extend her invitation to others to join "As student ambassador for the Office of Access and Outreach (OAO), here is an opportunity for graduate students to get involved in supporting future research scientists by using our lived experiences! If you have any queries about time commitment or workload, don't hesitate to reach out to me ( or the OAO' 

Candaice, one of our student ambassadors stated, “This is an amazing opportunity for current graduate students to extend their knowledge and guidance to support prospective researchers. The RASI program will help students navigate the barriers they face in academia and aid in increasing diversity in our department. I know, from personal experience, that it can be challenging to find mentors that are eager to provide advice regarding research and career pathways. This is a valuable initiative to prospective students.”  

We invite all student allies who interested in participating to please complete this form