PEY Year: Students

Pharmacology student:

The Professional Experience Year internship was a truly unique adventure from the very beginning: Starting to research about the employers, polishing resume and cover letter repetitively and practicing for job interview with career advisers. This program provides a golden opportunity for undergraduate students to get a taste of pursuing a career in pharmaceutical industries in real life.

Once I got a placement through this PEY program, the journey began to be even more exciting and life-changing: I got to comprehend how the theories and knowledge taught by school were applied to real-world drug research and development. After participating in many projects in the pharmaceutical company, I have gained certain insights about the nature of this industry that cannot be simply learned from school. This program put students at another perspective to look at medicine production and regulation, which inspires a clearer idea about what direction they would further explore and utilize their potentials. Do seize this great opportunity and equip yourself better for the challenges to encounter in your future career. 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry student:

I worked in a pharmaceutical company called Orion Pharma, in their Formulation Development and Research department. I learnt a great deal about formulations and the issues that come with it in real practice, which are difficult to grasp when sitting in lecture. I have made connections with some experts in the field and learnt much from them. Also, I had a glimpse into how a pharmaceutical industry works in trying to develop new pharmaceutical entities into new drugs.

Another PHC student:

"Phenomenal" is just one out of the numerous adjectives to describe my PEY experience! Aside from the valuable hands-on experience that I've gained and further development of workplace and personal skills, thanks to my PEY placement, a ton of opportunities have opened up for me and I was able to learn about a field of work I didn't even know existed! I found my third year of Pharmaceutical Chemistry to be quite lab-based and revolved much around the industry. However, my placement was much different, as it was in an office setting and mostly revolved around academic research. So, instead of directly using specific practical lab techniques, I was able to transfer lab skills, such as attentiveness to detail and critical analysis, into my assigned projects. This PEY experience has been absolutely positive and it definitely opened up valuable opportunities and given me a better outlook upon paths to follow upon graduation!