Pharmacology Book Fund

The Pharmacology Book Fund aims to support graduate students in the department to attend scientific meetings at which they will be presenting their work either as an oral presentation or as a poster. The meetings for which these awards are intended are large national or international conferences at which the student will have the chance to meet researchers from other centres who work in the same or related fields, be exposed to questions or comments from people whom the student does not meet every day, and to become known to others working in the field.

The following are the requirements:

  1. The student's supervisor must send a letter or e-mail to Dr. Jane Mitchell, at least one month before the meeting, indicating that they agree that the student should go to the meeting, giving the name, date and location of the meeting.
  2. The student (or the supervisor) must present evidence that the student's paper has been accepted for presentation at the meeting, as either a poster or an oral presentation.
  3. The travel award is for the amount of $1,500 CAD. The supervisor must indicate that they will pay the remainder of the student's expenses (i.e., the amount in excess of $1,500) from a research grant, contract, or other source. If the total costs incurred is less than $1,500 CAD, the award will be pro-rated to this lesser amount.
  4. Any given supervisor is entitled to sponsor two graduate student for travel awards in one year; i.e., July 1 to June 30 of the next calendar year.
  5. On returning from the conference, the student must present to the department original receipts totalling $1,500 or less; and a cheque will then be issued in that amount. The receipts can be for air-fare or other transportation costs, lodging, meals, conference registration, or any other conference-related expenses; the only requirement being that they must total $1,500 or less. The remaining receipts (over and above $1,500) should be given to the supervisor who will cover the expenses for which those receipts were issued.
  6. Each supervisor is also entitled to apply for one travel award for an External Examiner who attends a Ph.D. student’s final examination; provided that the visitor gives a departmental seminar during the same visit. The $1,000 maximum also applies to External Examiner costs.

All documentation and queries should be directed to:

Jane Mitchell, Chair, Book Committee
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Room MSB 4342, 1 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 1A8

Phone: [416]978-0841