Assistant Professor

Nadia Minian

Family Medicine


Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Nicotine Dependence Clinic, 1025 Queen St W., Toronto, Ontario Canada M6H 1H4
Appointment Status
TBC - Contact faculty member for details

Dr.  Minian is an Independent Scientist with the Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) at CAMH. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, and an Associate Member at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. Dr. Minian’s research focuses on increasing the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of interventions for behaviour change interventions, with particular focus on smoking cessation in primary care settings. Her research involves co-creating evidence-based change-behaviour interventions as well as examining in what contexts digital technologies and implementation strategies can accelerate the implementation of evidence-based practices. She has conducted several pragmatic trials to test different implementation approaches. She is dedicated to promoting health equity and improving the health of Canadians by working in collaborative partnerships with the health system, communities, researchers and policy makers.