Feb 2, 2022

Mental Health Journal Templates from Emily in PharmTox

Undergraduate News
Journaling Template Example

Feeling stressed out, unhappy, or even unsure how to manage your day-to-day feelings? Emily Saso, a Science undergraduate student in Pharmacology and Physiology, has recently developed journaling templates (PDF) that she is sharing with the U of T community. They include different kinds of approaches to journaling, so you can use the pages you want to suit your mood for the day.

The tools come from Emily’s lived experience. “I recognized that journaling was something I could construct into an accessible mental health resource for students to incorporate into their daily lives and mental health practices. It’s also a way to help expand upon the mental health resources that are currently available to students at U of T. Journaling is a safe space for you to express or explore your thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences. There are no pressures or expectations with the practice of journaling; the templates are there for you to download and use however you see fit—they can be used in conjunction with Health & Wellness appointments as a supplementary resource or used on their own.”

The PharmTox community thanks Emily for her caring contribution, and we are especially proud of Ms. Saso for receiving a prestigious university-wide Student Leadership Award.

PharmTox Undergraduate Coordinator and Associate Chair Dr. Michelle Arnot recognizes the importance of these tools, as she has worked diligently to support Mental Health initiatives in the Department. “We applaud Emily for her leadership in promoting the kind of culture around mental health and wellbeing that the Department has worked hard to instill. Her Student Leadership Award is well-deserved.”

Emily is grateful to PharmTox for support throughout "Seeing the journal pages available to students and for also gaining recognition has really hit home for me, so thank you."

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