Drs. George and O'Dowd Win Prix Galien!

University of Toronto Pharmacology & Toxicology Professors Susan R. George and Brian O’Dowd have been awarded the prestigious Prix Galien 2019 award, referred to as the Nobel Prize of Pharmaceutical Research.
Nov 5 / 2019

Biomarker Associated with Chronic Stress and Anxiety Found in Higher Levels in Long-Term Young Cannabis Users

A first of its kind study involving researchers from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry has found elevated levels of a protein involved in immune function and associated with chronic stress and anxiety in the brain of young long-term cannabis users.
Sep 26 / 2019

The tip of the serotonin iceberg

5-HT3 receptor antagonists, first introduced to the market in the mid-1980s, are proven efficient agents to counteract chemotherapy-induced emesis.
Sep 9 / 2019

Pharmacology & Toxicology ramping up for year two of SLC pilot

Modelled after First-Year Learning Communities (FCLs), Second-Year Learning Communities (SLCs) aim to foster a sense of community among second-year undergraduate students.
Aug 1 / 2019