Associate Professor  |  Scientist

Joanne Kotsopoulos PhD

Research Interests


Clinical Interests

biomarkers, genetics, prognostic factors
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream  |  Associate Director, Applied Clinical Pharmacology

Prateek Lala MD

Research Interests

clinical pharmacology, Clinical Toxicology, pharmacogenetics, Science Communication & Design
Assistant Professor  |  Faculty of Dentistry

Jose Lanca MD, PHD

Research Interests

clinical pharmacology, Herbal Medications, neuropharmacology

Research Interests

clinical pharmacology, neuropharmacology, Pharmacoeconomics, psychopharmacology
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Rebecca Laposa PhD

Research Interests

DNA damage, molecular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, toxicology
Professor  |  Head, Neurobiology of Alcohol Section, Neuroscience Department

Dzung Le PhD

Research Interests

Professor  |  Chair, Addiction Psychiatry

Bernard Le Foll MD, PhD

Research Interests

addiction, behavioural pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, neuropharmacology, pharmacogenetics, psychopharmacology
Associate Professor

Peter P. Li PhD

Research Interests

gene expression, neuropharmacology, signal transduction
Associate Professor

Jason Matthews PhD

Research Interests

molecular pharmacology, toxicology